Garbage Disposal Installation in League City, Texas

Having trouble with garbage disposal jams? Is your device leaking? Let our team help you determine the best solution. Jerry Collier Plumbing provides residential and commercial garbage disposal installation services for customers throughout League City, Texas, and surrounding areas. We are happy to discuss your needs and preferences, and are here to guide you in selecting and setting up the best option for your home or business.

Enjoy greater convenience with a new, professionally installed garbage disposal. Give us a call today to schedule garbage disposal installation services in League City, Texas.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Your New Garbage Disposal

If your property doesn’t have an existing garbage disposal or isn’t plumbed for one, it’s important to check your plumbing and electrical systems to ensure that they are safe to accommodate a garbage disposal. For homes on a septic system, the garbage disposal should also be septic-safe.

You may also want to consider upgrades and features to complement your new disposal. Some customers opt to include dishwasher drain connectors or push-buttons. Our League City, Texas, garbage disposal installers will take the time to go over any special requests you may have to deliver the quality results you deserve.

Should You Repair a Faulty Garbage Disposal or Replace It?

Frequent use or dumping difficult to process food items down the drain can cause the disposal to jam. If you are currently having issues with your equipment, you’re probably wondering if you should have your garbage disposal repaired or if it will be easier to replace it altogether.

For garbage disposals that are over ten years old, it will be more cost-effective to have them replaced. Older systems may have rusted, loose, or dulled impellers (“blades”) that can be costly to replace—making a full system replacement a smarter option.

If you are looking to replace an older garbage disposal for your League City, Texas, home or commercial facility, reach out to our experts for a quote. We will talk to you about what you’re looking for in a new system, answer any questions you may have, and present you with an upfront estimate.

Continuous Feed Versus Batch Feed Garbage Disposals: Which One is Right for You?

In your research into garbage disposals, you’ve probably come across two options: continuous feed and batch feed systems.

Continuous feed garbage disposals are what people usually think of when they are in the market for a new system. These are designed to “continually” run as long as the switch is on, making them a convenient option if you regularly use your disposal or if you frequently dispose of a large amount of food waste/scraps.

Batch feed disposals are slightly more costly compared to continuous feed systems. But with a batch feed garbage disposal, safety and power are prioritized. 

Our team is here to discuss your garbage disposal installation needs and will help you choose the most cost-effective option.

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