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Clogged drains are an inevitable problem—but sometimes a persistent clog can signal a larger problem in the sewer line. Over time, a number of things can start to build up in the sewer line: grease, soap scum, corrosion, hair, sludge, and other debris. When this happens, your toilets and drains will start to back up.

The solution? Hydro jetting.

Jerry Collier Plumbing offers safe and efficient hydro jet sewer cleaning services in League City, Texas. Our skilled local plumbers have the training and experience to carry out successful hydro jetting solutions that will leave your sewer line flowing like new in no time.

Let us help you clear out your sewer line safely and effectively with professional hydro jet cleaning services. We’re available throughout League City, Texas, and surrounding areas.

Does Your League City, TX, Home Need Hydro Jetting?

When there’s a problem in the sewer line, our first thought often jumps to: Will my property need to be dug up? Damaged sewer lines will often need to be replaced or repaired, which will involve major excavation. But if your sewer line is still in good condition and is simply blocked by debris, hydro jetting is the smart solution.

Hydro jetting can also be used as a preventive measure. It’s recommended annually for commercial properties and every 1-2 years for homeowners.

What to Expect From Our Hydro Jet Cleaning Services in League City, Texas

The first step with every sewer problem is to have it inspected. This will involve a non-invasive video pipe inspection that allows us to locate and identify the cause of the problem. If your sewer line is suffering from severe blockage but is otherwise in good condition (there are no damaged or collapsed pipes), we will recommend hydro jetting.

Our team will begin the process by snaking a hose through your sewer cleanout. We will then apply the correct amount of water pressure to make sure the buildup is efficiently removed while ensuring the safety of your sewer pipe. Once the hydro jet process is complete, we will carry out another video pipe inspection to check the results.

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At Jerry Collier Plumbing, we understand how stressful it is to have an unexpected sewer problem affect your home or business. This is why we are committed to responding to your calls ASAP and providing fast turnaround times. We will work closely with you to resolve your plumbing needs, including making the process of working with us as transparent as possible. Whether you’re in need of hydro jetting services or you’ve got another plumbing problem that requires immediate professional attention, our team is prepared to get the job done right.

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