Leak Detection and Thermal Camera Inspections in League City, Texas

Plumbing leaks are inevitable, and more so in older properties. If your home or commercial facility was constructed more than fifty years ago, there may be hidden leaks throughout your property. In some cases these leaks can go unnoticed and undetected for weeks or months—driving up your water bill and inviting mold.

If you suspect a plumbing leak in your home or business, Jerry Collier Plumbing is here to help. We provide accurate and noninvasive leak detection services throughout the League City, TX, area. Our methods include thermal camera inspections and acoustic leak detection.

Get answers to your leak problems with a call to Jerry Collier Plumbing. We provide full-service leak detection and inspections in League City, Texas.

Signs It’s Time to Call Your League City, TX, Plumber for Leak Detection

Leaks in the water supply line are often hidden behind walls or ceilings, making them difficult to notice in the beginning. But you can be on the lookout for warning signs that can help you track down leaks faster:

  • Water meter running nonstop

  • Bubbling or peeling wallpaper

  • Moldy smells

  • Large spike in your water bill

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for fast and efficient leak detection services in League City, Texas. We will take the time to identify the affected areas, uncover the source of the problem, and discuss the best solution for your needs.

Thermal Camera Leak Detection in League City, Texas

One of the ways we track down leaks is using thermal camera inspection. This technology can easily help us locate leaks and areas affected by moisture damage.

Unresolved leaks can lead to mold growth, and the most effective way to tackle the problem is to track down the source of the moisture. Thermal imaging technology will allow our team to spot water presence below insulation, wall interiors, and more by tracking temperature and water movement.

We may also complement our thermal imaging technology with acoustic leak detectors for greater accuracy. 

What to Expect From Our Leak Detection Services in League City, Texas

Once we have found the source of the leak, we will talk to you about your options for pipe repair or replacement. In some cases a simple repair can get the job done, but if we find extensive damage to your supply lines we may recommend a full repipe. No matter your needs, you can depend on our League City, TX, plumbing company to deliver the best value.

Call today to schedule immediate leak detection in League City, Texas, or the surrounding area. We have the technology, training, and skill to successfully identify hidden pipe leaks and ensure your peace of mind.

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