Sewer Line Replacement in League City, Texas

If you are struggling with recurring drain problems, there is likely an unresolved issue farther in your sewer line. There could be a leak in the line, damage, or a collapsed pipe. Jerry Collier Plumbing offers full-service solutions that include accurate video pipe inspections and sewer line replacement for residents throughout the League City, Texas, area. We will get to the bottom of your plumbing problem and carry out the most cost-effective solution.

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Is Sewer Replacement the Right Solution for Your League City, TX, Home or Business?

A problem in the sewer line can manifest in the form of backed up drains and overflowing toilets. Other signs of severe sewer damage include:

Pipe decay — An older property will have older, deteriorating plumbing lines. If our inspection reveals extensive decaying of your sewer pipes, we will recommend full replacement to ensure your long-term peace of mind.

Corrosion — Many residents in the League City, TX, area have hard water. This can harm your sewer lines over time and cause corrosion. While hydro jetting can often help remove corrosion in your pipes, severe corrosion may call for a complete replacement of your sewer line.

Tree root damage — Roots can force their way into your sewer line as they search for water. A root invasion will likely require sewer line replacement.

Our League City, Texas, plumbers will take the time to identify the source of your sewer line problem and make sure you receive the safe and accurate solutions you deserve.

The Sewer Line Replacement Process and What to Expect for League City, TX, Customers

When you contact us for service, we will start by conducting an initial inspection. This is a noninvasive process where we will insert a video camera into the sewer line to locate the affected areas and pinpoint the source of the problem. Once we have a clear view of the problem, we will present you with options for repair or replacement.

If sewer line replacement is recommended, we will explain what needs to be done in detail so you will know exactly what to expect from our team. Replacement will involve excavating your property along the sewer line—we understand that this will cause an upheaval of your front yard and will work as efficiently as possible to get the job done right.

Call now to discuss your sewer line concerns and let us help you find the best solution for your home or business. Serving the complete sewer line replacement needs of League City, Texas.

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