Water Softener Installation in League City, Texas

Hard water is a common problem in Texas. Untreated hard water can leave stains in your sinks and toilets, affect your hair and skin, and cause unnecessary plumbing problems. Eliminate hard water with help from our experts. Jerry Collier Plumbing provides water softener solutions throughout League City, Texas, and the Greater Houston area. We install, replace, and service water softening systems to help you achieve greater peace of mind.

Reach out to our team to discuss your hard water concerns and be on your way to enjoying a cleaner water supply.

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How Can a Water Softener Benefit League City, TX, Homeowners?

More efficient plumbing: Hard water contains minerals (calcium and magnesium) that can cause scaling in your plumbing lines. This can lead to low water pressure and blockages in the supply lines. With a water softener, you can finally enjoy efficient plumbing and greater peace of mind.

Healthier skin and hair: Hard water can make your hair brittle and irritate your skin. Stop dreading showers with a new water softener, which can help leave you with healthier-looking hair and skin.

Eliminate soap scums and stains: The abrasive minerals in hard water can leave unsightly stains in appliances, sinks, and plumbing fixtures. These minerals, when mixed with soap ingredients, can also cause soap scum to cling to dishware and shower walls—making cleaning a hassle. A water softener will significantly improve the way you get chores done.

More vibrant clothes: If you have hard water, you may notice that your clothes often come out looking faded and dull after washing. Water softeners help clothes retain their color and quality for much longer.

Is your League City, TX, Home Pre-Plumbed for Water Softener Installation?

Newer homes will often feature a water softener loop, making the process of water softener installation much easier. For older homes, we may need to retrofit your plumbing with bypass valves and piping.

Our League City, Texas, water softener installers will work closely with you throughout the project—from making sure your plumbing system is prepared for the new upgrade to safely setting up your water softening equipment.

Water Softeners Versus Water Conditioners

Are you wondering about the difference between water softeners and water conditioners? They both treat hard water, but go about it using different technology.

Water softeners are the “true” solution to eliminating abrasive minerals from your water supply. They use salt-based technology to get the job done. As a result, you may notice that your water has a slippery feeling if you use a water softener.

Water conditioners, on the other hand, are salt-free and work to make the mineral ions in the water less abrasive. These mineral ions are still there but have less of an effect on your plumbing system, fixtures, and your hair/skin.

No matter which type of water treatment system you decide to pursue, our team is prepared to help you install the best solution for your household.

Start enjoying the clean and healthy water you deserve. Call now to request an upfront estimate for water softener installation or replacement in League City, Texas.

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